I will resign you to come

Rise Volume

I give up on you to live.
My selfish body is crying.
My golden soul laughs.
Life is still hurting inside.
Today, the resignation will release you.
I don't want you to want me.
You don't have to.
A rose petal's desire for revival.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Today the fire ceases.
My body is relaxed.
I pray for the strings of my soul
talk about you nicely.
We are nothing today.
We're leaving tomorrow.
I can't tear you, that's why
lock you in a gold box.
You will be there until it is opened
your mind is heaven.
I can cry nicely.
I can give love.
I can live with what I have.
Give me a sweet dream, my God,
give me redemption.
Do not hurt my selfish body.
I have no tears.
I'm not reading your eyes.
I don't see the good in it.
I don't see the bad in it.
I'm not gonna be good.
You won't be good.
Not today.

Leave a little of your beautiful soul,
because everyone gets one piece.
Put it on my desk.
Light up my being.
Fairy on the line thought
quote nice pictures.
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